Photo-acoustic mammography: the method

  • Photo-acoustic (PA) mammography uses harmless, very short (near) infrared laser light pulses to excite hemoglobin causing blood vessels to induce a very short, tiny ultrasonic response, which response can be registred only by extremely sensitive transducers
  • PA mammography holds the promise of becoming a new standard for breast cancer screening and diagnostics
  • It is patient-friendly, whereas it does neither need any contrast agent, nor any breast compression, nor any potentially harmful radiation
  • PA mammography is neither hampered by tissue density, nor by the female hormone cycle, nor by implants
  • PA mammography can be combined with truly 3D ultrasonic (3D US) mammography
  • PA mammography has similar HW costs compared to X-ray, yet has the potency to significantly reduce false positive results and it can be applied to women of any age.