PAM2 3D clinical data

Technical specifications of PAM2

  • 15,000 signals with 4,000 measuring points 60 million measurements
  • Image 50 million voxels
  • Measurement time 160 sec. per breast
  • 3D full breast imaging
  • No breast compression
  • Clinical characterisation study benign and malignant lesions
  • Impervious to tissue density, hence also suitable for younger women
  • Resolution 0.35mm

This 78 year old patient detected an abnormality in the left breast and was referred to the specialized breast clinic for further investigation in June 2018.

Histopathological investigation of the biopsy specimens revealed an intraductal papillary carcinoma, although atypical (BI-RADS VI).

PAM2 3D angiogenesis, confirmed by conventional X-ray/US and pathology for this 44 year old patient.

A scan of a 24 year-old healthy volunteer

A scan of a 49 year-old healthy volunteer