History of company: track record with product development and clinical data

PA Imaging was established late 2010 as a spin-off of University Twente backed with venture capital from the incubator fund UT International Ventures. University Twente with its MIRA Research Institute have remained a key partner of PA Imaging together with mamma-radiologists from the Maatschap Radiologie Oost-Nederland (MRON) /Medisch Spectrum Twente (MST) hospital, who have been involved in the (globally!) very first clinical study ever using photo-acoustic mammography.

Clinical Study with first generation PAM1

PAM1 in mamma-poli MST hospital

Clinical Study with second generation PAM2

Early 2017, Achmea Zorgparticipaties B.V. and DFZ Participaties B.V., investment funds of Achmea, the largest health insurer in the Netherlands, were welcomed as new investors of PA Imaging. Furthermore, the foundation Stichting Achmea Gezondheidszorg (SAG) financially supported a next clinical study with the second generation PAM2 apparatus, which ends mid 2019 and which study has delivered 3D photo-acoustic images of volunteers and volunteering patients again by working closely together with University Twente and mamma-radiologists from MRON/MST.

PAM2 in mamma-poli MST hospital

Resolution 0.35 mm

Clinical Study with third generation PAM3

With a generous grant of the EU H2020 programme and as part of an international consortium, we have now started to prepare for our third round of validation, adapting the hardware and software to newly gained insights throughout the process of testing and clinical experimentation.